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GFI Power Strip

The under angled power strip is a low profile 20a gfi 2 plug stainless steel power strip that is under angled. It is that thing that under-the-coach investors are always looking for? the under-the-coach look is worth considering! This strip is designed to power up your appliances like air-conditioning, air- filters, and hot water! It has a small enough size that it can be easily attached to your under-the-coach junction box, and it has a high quality that you can trust. It's the perfect answer for those times when you don't have run-of-the-line power strips!

Deals for GFI Power Strip

Our power strip is a great way to keep your electrical system running in need when you have gfi power. It includes two ac outlet strips and one handwired option. It is made to work with the powercon to edison network.
the sanus 11-outlet power conditioner is a great way to keep your foundation running ready and it includes 11 out of these 11 outlet component.
this is a safety power strip that features 8 outlet and 12 foot cord. It has gfci plug and safety chain to keep you and your guests safe.